A special thanks to everyone who has either directly or indirectly helped make this site possible.

Free Stuff
Thanks to Stinkehund on deviantArt for his free "100 Pony Smilies" graphic that I got the MST3k style pony silhouettes from with his permission
Thanks to Nirvana Tikku for the great YouTube jQuery plugin
Thanks to for their Creative Commons graphic of a curtain I used for the main banner
Thanks to everyone who's contributed to jQuery, which makes JavaScript fun!
Thanks to Jörn Zaefferer for a great jQuery based form validation plugin
Thanks to Twitter for releasing their Bootstrap system that greatly helps non-layout guys like me make things that look somewhat better!
Licensed Stuff
Thanks to Harold Lohner of Harold's Fonts for his Generation B font that's one of the main fonts used in MLP:FIM and for affordable licensing through Font Bros
Thanks to Lauren Faust and all the great creative people who put out animated works that appeal to kids and adults and make us all smile

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